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Refer a Friend & Plan Your Travel For Free

We have great pleasure to inform you that our exponential business growth is mainly due to our satisfied customer and to give reward to their loyalty we have come out with referral incentive scheme. If you're like us, you love sharing it with everyone! Now it's easier and more rewarding than ever to share the joy of travel with our new and improved Refer a Friend Rewards Program. For every friend you send our way, we'll give you Rs 500/- in credits toward future travel on the transaction minimum Rs 20000/- or above . Refer two friends, get Rs.1000. There's no limit! Your friends will earn great benefits too an instant Rs 500/- discount off their first booking.*

NEW: Redeem all your referral credits on one trip. That's right—refer five friends, get Rs.2500 off your next trip. Awesome, right? Refer enough friends and you can travel for free!

NEW: Transfer your unused credits to somebody else. Can't find the time to travel? Pass along some or all of your credits to friends or family for a terrific travel discount!

NEW: Your referral credits now expire after 2 years, More opportunities to use the credits you earned!

How it works:*
• You must register your detail with us (free No Cost for registration)
• The friend you refer must be a new traveler to wtm.
• Your friend books one of our Tours or Packages with Scheduled Dates.
• Your friend gives us your name, phone and email when they book, or within 7 days.
• We'll apply a Rs 500/- discount to their booking.
• Upon your friend's return, we issue you Rs 500/- in credits.
• Use the credits towards your own future purchase of a Tour or Package with
Scheduled Dates. Or gift them to somebody else!

Questions about the program? Don't hesistate to ask us.


* You get the gist. But please note all the rules that apply to this program:
Referring Travelers (you) must have registered with us you may begin to earn referral credits only after you complete registration. For each eligible new traveler you refer (per above), we'll issue your Rs 500/- credit upon completion of travel and notify you by email. This email serves as your record of the credits. For each new traveler, only one past traveler may claim credits.

Referred Travelers (your friends) must be new to WTM. They must not have booked or traveled with us in the past and must not have an existing booking for future travel. Referred travelers must book a Tour or Package with Scheduled Dates. Our other products or services, including packages with Flexible Dates, private Group Travel, and Special Interest Tours, do not qualify for this program.

Your referred travelers give us your full name, phone number and email address at the time of booking and payment of non-refundable deposits. If this information is unavailable at time of booking, it must be provided by 7 days after date of booking. Otherwise, the credit is no longer available.

We'll verify that you're a past traveler and that your referred traveler is new toWTM, and we'll then apply a Rs 500/- discount per referred traveler to the total due for the booking. For reservations made online and paid in full at time of booking, once verified, the referred traveler will be refunded Rs 500/-.

Can I really travel for free? Yes! That's the goal of this program. Use your credits toward all charges on your WTM invoice. (Personal expenses and any other costs not on your invoice are your own responsibility.)

Redeeming Credits: Cash in as many credits as you'd like towards a new booking of a Tour or Package with Scheduled Dates. If you have accumulated more credits than the total value of the trip, your remaining credits will carry over to future travel. Use credits for yourself or for anyone traveling with you, or transfer any of your credits to anyone you choose, provided you notify us first in writing. Credits used toward a purchase which you later cancel are forfeited. Credits are valid for up to 24 months from the date of issue and are not redeemable for cash.

Credits cannot be combined with any other marketing promotion, offer, coupon or discount. If at time of booking, the referred traveler would like to use a coupon greater than or equal to a Rs 500/- value, this coupon will be applied to their booking instead of the Rs 500/- referral credit. The referring traveler will still get their Rs 500/- for referring their friend. Bookings to which credits are applied are not eligible for travel agent commission. We reserve the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time without notification.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most reliable Multinational Travel Management company setting high standards of quality and customer service.

Our Vision

At World Travel Mart we strive for constant improvement, innovation and creativeness.